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by Jean Moisset

Jean Moisset
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 Under certain circumstance, in particular during an excessive mystic or "mediumnic" state, a persons mind could have the power to modify matter by non-physical means, that is by mental influence which could only operate from the subconscious and which could concern inert objects as well as living beings. In parapsychology this phenomenon is called psychokinesis (PK).
Thus, rare individuals could exceptionally perturb the functioning of mechanical, electric and electronic devices.

Psychokinesis ?

We can define psychokinesis (abbreviation : PK) as an action of the mind (psyche) on animate matter, as well as an physical energy, able to provoke the deformation or displacement of an object (telekinesis). There exist several variants or modalities. Since the end of the 19th century, parapsychologists have attempted to reproduce PK phenomena in controlled laboratory experiments. In the USA, Rhine was a pioneer in experimental research of the phenomena. In the 1930's, he conceived a mechanical method of throwing dice where the subjects were asked to influence the results by choosing a certain number in advance. A considerable number of trials were made over a period of several years which gave somewhat encouraging results, but inferior to those obtained by extrasensory perception. These experiments were repeated later by another american researcher with positive results.

Uri Geller

In 1970, after the much publicized spoon bending performances of Uri Geller, a long wave of demonstrations of the bending of metal bars, covers or other metallic objects, and the influence on the movement of clocks. Unfortunately, the spectacular results often shown appeared doubtful once the fraud was revealed in the demonstrations of stars like Geller and the frenchman Jean Pierre Girard. Yet, Uri Geller had undergone scientifically controlled tests in the USA and other countries !

Jean-Pierre Girard

The actions of Jean-Pierre Giraud were experimented in the Péchiney-Ugine laboratories under the scientific direction of Charles Crussard. He was able to bend several metal bars and to modify the texture of metallic samples which were unobtainable by the means put at the disposition of the the metallurgists. Charles Crussard declared : this point alone, whatever the conditions of the tests, establishes the abnormal nature of the effects produced by Jean-Pierre Girard.
As a further control, the services of several professional magicians were called upon, notably Sanlaville, Ranki (a believer in PSI) and Majax (a PSI skeptic). Jean-Pierre Giraud admits that he had already cheated. Besides, when success is slow in coming, most of the mediums have a conscious or unconscious means of obtaining a result and not always realizing the consequences of their gestures (Richet had already made this observation).
Whatever the opinions concerning Uri Geller and Jean-Pierre Girard, it should be noted that positive results have been made in experiments with other apparently gifted subjects who were less suspected of cheating.For example, From 1976 to the end of 1977 at the International Metaphysical Institute, Yvonne Duplessis and Jean-Pierre Bailly made PK tests with children, including Frédéric, 16, Patrice, 14 and Anita, 11. They were able to achieve several bendings of metal bars enclosed in sealed glass tubes. (See La Revue Métapsychique NŻ25 of 1978 and 26-27 of 1979-1980)
There are several categories of PK phenomena. One of which is Photopsychokinesis, which consists of projecting a mental image on a photograph. It was practiced by Ted Sérios. Another is called Biopsychokinesis. Here, it it a question of psychic influence upon living organisms : man, animals, plants, mushrooms, germs, etc.

Retropsychokinesis ?

If PK counters common sense, retopysychokinesis falls into the domain of science fiction, because it is indeed difficult to admit that one can actually influence the results of dice throwing or on any other game of chance.
As explained by Pierre Janin, in order that retroPK be conceivable, the future influence of the subject should materialize during a chance experimental procedure which would be done in a "neutral" manner without witnesses and the results registered kept secret until the manifestation of an ulterior desire. In this way, the effect would be produced before the cause. All of which overturns the conception of causality and time accepted by the scientists, as well as posing the difficult problem of methodology. Synchronicity could perhaps give a viable explanation.


This form of PK merits special attention. The experiment can be made at the molecular level, but it is most frequently done at the quantum level, that is to say on atomic particles by means of an hazardus electronic generator permitting very rapid trials and a remarkable technical reliability. .
The physicist, Helmut Schmit, created the first hazardus electronic generators using the emissions of strontium 90 in a system consisting of 2 (or several) bulbs, for example blue and yellow, one or the other lighting at random at each trial, thus the same probability for each to occur. The subject must then try mentally to choose one in favor of the other in order to obtain a significant difference. He was able to obtain interesting results.
In 1979, at the University of Princeton, Robert G. Jahn, dean of the Engineering faculty, assisted by Brenda J. Dunne, a psychologist, conceived methods and a revolutionary electronic device permiting tests of undeniable scientific value and a dizzy execution speed.
The computer generated a binary (bit) positive 1 or negative 0 impulse. The operator must try to influence the arrival of his choice, either a maximum of 1's or of 0's, or a mean number approaching 0,5. The speed of the trials was impressive, that is 500, 600... 1000 or more trials per second. Thus, as quoted by Annick Lacroix, as many trials in one hour as Rhine could have made in a life time.
The operation during each experiment lasted only several seconds which made it possible to obtain a great number of valid data thus giving considerably significant results. These results confirm the reality of microPK by showing that most persons are capable of mentally influencing an hazardus electronic generator, of course each operator having his personal touch.
This is considerable progress which will have beneficial consequences concerning the future of scientific parapsychology.
In any case, this possibility which each one of use could have to influence the functioning of an electronic generator is somewhat disquieting. We could imagine the possibility of individuals especially gifted being able to meddle with the National Defense computers or internet. We already have the virus menace, computer system pirates, diverse interferences and intrusion into our privacy.

Jung and Pauli

Jung and the physicist Pauli who conceived the principle of synchronicity (significant coincidence), were both subjects of PSI phenomena. We are convinced that these were indeed synchronicities. Jung himself knew extrasensory experiences and obsessive fear. We mention the famous case of knocks produced on a piece of furniture during a discussion with Freud. Freud refused to accept the PSI effects, except for telepathy which he encountered in his analyses. As for Pauli, his physicist colleagues; Gamov, Franck, Frisch and others, jokingly said that he provoked breakdowns and technical incidents, sorts of psychkinesis, in the apparatus' when he was near or inside a laboratory. Because of these paranormal manifestations, the brilliant scientist felt , it seems, a mental relief. Finally, his problems lead to his consulting Jung and was the origin of their collaboration.
At night, when I am still awake, I often reflect on the enigma posed by synchronicity and it is then that I hear taps (noises, knocks...) on furniture, electric radiators, the television or on windows.
I was able to produce PK phenomena, notably the bending of a small spoon, during the period of presentations by Uri Geller. The following is an extract of page 145 of my book "Parapsychology, reality or fantasy ? JMG Edition 1998.

How to achieve a simple PK
(bending a spoon or fork - no guaranty of success)

First, we must insist that the experiments are difficult to reproduce, so the failures are frequent.
In order to succeed, you must not show to much willpower, just a passive desire backed by your intimate conviction that the phenomenon is possible and consider it as only a game. It is best to identify yourself with the object by a sort of empathy, to be in sycnhronicity with it by imagining and feeling its bending, that is, by looking at it as if the bending was in process or already done. It is absolutely necessary to have complete confidence in your success, be completely relaxed and serene, in a sort of trance accompanied by an increase in the pulse rate (*). (*)The greatest difficulty is to reconcile relaxation and emotional shock accompanied by an accelerated pulse rate. Too frequent renewal of such experiments can be dangerous to the health, especially for the cardiovascular system, as well as the psychological equilibrium of the subect, especially if the subject is a child.

Children also

Children are less prejudiced than adults and consider this experiment as a game. We have noted that they obtain positive results more easily, because they believe consciously and especially subconsciously that they will succeed.
Besides, the environment during the experiment is very important, agreeable surroundings and calm and relaxed atmosphere are essential. Thus, the place must be carefully chosen. Effectively, the failures are often due to a noisy environment or an air of skepticism and suspicion. Also, be careful of the "effect of the experimenter".
A final remark, the power of the PK mediums seems to weaken with time and may even disappear entirely.
No doubt, it is risky to penetrate into a "transcendant and secret world" as is done by mystics at the spiritual level. Besides, they are often confronted by the paranormal.

PK Contagion

During a mediatic experiment or otherwise, a subject, even faking, can introduce a sort of catalyst, thus authentic effects and powers in a spectator. The person attempting to reproduce the phenomenon while holding a key or cover at the moment of the demonstration, (under the condition that the objects were not furnished by the medium), may sometimes succeed ! This phenomenon was noted in several countries during Uri Geller's and Jean-Pierre Girard's presentations. According to Girard this was the case for Charles Crussard, professor Rémy Chauvin, Albert Ducrocq, doctor Alfred Krantz, Léon Zitrone, Bernard Clavel, (and Alfred Kastler?). In certain cases the parties concerned did not consciously wish the have the bending take place !
Besides, I noticed an abnormal frequency of abnormal incidents when I passed before a cashier at the supermarket, the railroad station or the post office. Thus, one day when I was posting thirty or so envelopes at the central post office in Nice, the automatic weighing and stamping machines broke down at the same time. But then let's not fantasize too much and consider it as coincidence.
Marc Schweizer, former editor of Science et Magie, noted on several occasions that during my presence his computer was disturbed and sometimes broke down. This was also true for his printer.
During the month of April 1999, my doctor recommended that I undergo a complete medical examination. Just as the doctor was about to enter my data on the computer it broke down. For good or for bad, I canceled my examination.

Abnormal frequency of abnorml incidents

Besides, I noticed an abnormal frequency of abnormal incidents when I passed before a cashier at the supermarket, the railroad station or the post office. Thus, one day when I was posting thirty or so envelopes at the central post office in Nice, the automatic weighing and stamping machines broke down at the same time. But then let's not fantasize too much and consider it as coincidence.
Whenever I travel by subway or train, strange incidents often occur. For example : on the train traveling between Paris and Marseille, the speedometer broke down and the train was obliged to lower its speed considerably. We arrived considerably late. Another time, when I was in a hurry, we had to wait ten minutes before they could open the doors. The electronic devise for opening the doors did not work. On a voyage from Paris to Lyons an electrical problem caused a delay of 1H30 which was extended to 2H30 due to another technical problem.
When I watch the lottery drawing on television, I often notice a correlation between the numbers drawn and my mental choices.
During an echographic examination at the hospital, I was watching the lottery drawing on the television. The winning number was 444499. The observation of a series of 4's has always been an unfavorable omen for me. In this case the results of the medical examination were unfavorable. I have noted dozens of such incidents, certain of which I have cited in my books.

The law of series

In my book on the law of series (JMG Editions, February 2000), I present the hypothesis that by microPK certain persons can influence the results of a lottery drawing (see below). This is also true for the casino game of roulette. Twice, at the casino in Monte Carlo, I foresaw the number which appeared. Unfortunately, I never gamble at the casino. Even though I am very interested in the law of series, I never gamble.
It seems that one can provoke sneezing by someone by mental will- power (I noticed this on several occasions). It is possible to make someone turn his head by looking at the back of his neck (or at least make him feel that he is being observed).
In my book on the law of series (JMG Editions, February 2000), I present the hypothesis that by micropsychkinése ?? certain persons can influence the results of a lottery drawing (see below). This is also true for the casino game of roulette. Twice, at the casino in Monte Carlo, I foresaw the number which appeared. Unfortunately, I never gamble at the casino. Even though I am very interested in the law of series, I never gamble.
Another possibility often noted is that of being able to mentally cause reactions in animals and in the growth of plants. It is also said that certain healings can be achieved by bioPK.

An explanation of PK

During the past fifteen years, thanks to the research by Zurek and Gell-Mann on the theory of decoherence - the destruction of coherence in quantum states by the environment - progress has been achieved concerning our understanding of the reduction of wave packets process, that is, on the problem of knowing how matter produced from the quantum state appears in the macroscopic world in which we live. On this subject, refer the magazine "Pour La Science, the article by Hervé Zwirne "Du classique au Quantique", the special edition on Quantum Physics of June 1994 and the article entitled "Découverte, comment la matière devient réelle" by Hélène Guillomet in the February 1999 issue of the magazine "Science et Vie. It is no longer a question of the conscience of the observer. It is the environment of the particle (mesuring instrument, molecules of surrounding air, photons of light..) which spontaneously eliminates the superposition of states to conserve only one. The rapidity of decoherence increases with the size of the system.
In an case, the result of the transition from quantum state to the classic remains without cause and is unpredictable. Besides, (here we exist from rational science) it is possible that the "decoherence" is influenced or directed in rare cases by the mind of a human observer (in particular by a medium or a mystic), or even by an animal (ref. the experiments by the physicist Helmut Schmit on cats) as well as the microPK experiments at the university of Princeton.

Zxceptional intervention of an individual psyche

PK, télékinèse, polstergeists and levitation could be explained by the active and exceptional intervention of an individual psyche on matter at the quantum level, with notable effect on an object, the environment or the body of a person at the macroscopic level, thus the cases of: the production of PSI phenomena or miraculous mystics which are absurd or strange instead of being classically normal as we usually perceive them in an inter-subjective manner at our human level.
Don't delude yourself, all the phenomena discussed above will be classified by the scientists as occultism, yet they are indeed real and susceptible of profoundly modifying our vision of the world.

Computer difficulties and numerical signs

On 2 February 2000, I bought a modem to install on my computer in order to connect to Internet. At noon, Mr. MS installed it on my computer but after numerous attempts to enter the network we were unsuccessful. Concluding that something was missing in the package with the modem, we returned it to the distributor. Upon inspecting the package, he was surprised to find that it contained a publicity CD instead of the installation CD. Both CD's were needed in order to successfully install the modem. A successful installation was made a few days later.
I wasted no time in going to the post office to mail my subscription to Internet. When arrived at the Post Office, I found it closed. I put the envelope in a mail box, another days delay.
The same evening I watched the Lottery drawing which was of special interest to me since my book on the law of series had just been published. During the second drawing, I answered a telephone call and was unable to copy the numbers drawn. After several attempts, I was finally able to obtain the numbers by telephone. The seven numbers drawn were as follows : 4 7 9 44 46 47 32 .
A beautiful series of 4's 'my bad luck number) accompanied by 7 in synchronicity with the complications of my day. Had my conscience influenced the drawing or was it just a coincidence ? This small synchronicity result is not negative because it confirms my extrapolations on the law of series. In effect, the numbers drawn present the following differences :
Effective difference : 3 0 1 2 0 4 0 * Difference before the first drawing : 2 0 0 1 9 3 0
* Supposing that the selection of the numbers played at the second drawing cannot be different from those of the first. Thus, the number 4, having a difference of 3 corresponds in reality to a difference of 2 for the game. Note that the number 46 with a difference of 0 had not been selected; because its difference before the first drawing was 9.
Note that the difference 0 concerns the number drawn in the previous drawing. The difference 1 concerns the numbers drawn in the one before the above. The difference 2 concerns the numbers drawn before the above. Etc.


I had just finished the manuscript of my next book : "The law of series" and had delivered it to my editor. However, during a short period of time before terminating the project, I had lost and recuperated three object's under troubling circumstances.
On the 5th of October 1999, my original manuscript disappeared in the shop where I had delivered it to making photocopies. Our search was in vain, so the next morning I declared its disappearance at the local police station. On the 2Oth of October at 17H30, in Nice, that is two weeks later, I received a telephone call from the shop informing me that a woman (*) had just delivered the lost manuscript.
(*) The woman had mistakenly taken the manuscript on the 6th of October. The package contained a hundred sheets and the name of the shop was not indicated.
Strange, on the same morning I could not find the keys to my apartment. I finally located them at 16H (that is just a little before the announcement concerning the recuperation of my manuscript. They were in in a plastic shopping bag which I had already carefully examined in the morning.
On saturday 23 October, the owner of my rental apartment in Nice notified me that I had not paid the rent for the month of October. I was surprised because I remembered having deposited an envelope with a check in his mail box. On the 25th of October I contacted his secretary who confirmed the fact the they had never received the check. A few days later, the envelope with the check was found among several newspapers in a mailbox situated two stories higher. Apparently the envelope had fallen through a small opening in the back of the box and someone delivering papers had placed it in another box.
Each one of the three incidents could no doubt be explained rationally, but what is surprising is that they occurred over a short period of time just when I had finished my manuscript on "The law of series".

Another surprising incident.

At the end of 1999, I received 3 manuscripts . I was the first time that I had received manuscripts directly from the authors. Never 2 without 3 !

January 2000 Jean Moisset

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